rad-pax-art asked:

I agree with the new comic thinger you made. That being said, how do you feel about Elizabeth's design? She wears a corset too, though Bioshock Infinite is based in 1912.

Well this specific post is less about corsets on the outside (which is a whole ‘nother can of worms), and more about this specific type of generic waist cincher that I keep seeing over and over again… buuuuut I’m pretty against corsets on the outside either way, let’s be honest. :)

I don’t think visible corsetry is innately bad, I just think it’s a shame when it’s used in lieu of better, more character-driven options- or when the corset itself is just poorly-designed. I actually drew this a couple months back, showing what I would have liked to see for Liz’s second outfit:


It’s purportedly her mother’s clothing, so I wanted something that read as  mature, austere, and slightly dated. You can still maintain a lot of the color blocking with a Belle Epoque-style corsetlet, and I think it would drive home the idea that Liz is uncomfortable and out of place in this costume.