A while back I asked my talented friend Claire Hummel to provide reference regarding period specific clothing to help my art for my second book more authentic. As we head into con season perhaps this might help those of you planning your Victoria cosplay :)
Check out her da page here

omigosh I forgot I did this for Brian!  A special little behind the scenes treat for those of you who’re fans of Otto & Victoria. :)

Finally got the go ahead to post my design for one of the Killer Instinct fight sticks! The thing didn’t make it past the prototype stage, but WHATEVER I got to draw steampunk werewolf nonsense so I’m not complaining.

(also included: my totally badass sketch ideas for it. Who knows why “Jago walking Sabrewulf on a leash” and “Nineties Pizza Sabrewulf” didn’t make the cut????)

rad-pax-art asked:

I agree with the new comic thinger you made. That being said, how do you feel about Elizabeth's design? She wears a corset too, though Bioshock Infinite is based in 1912.

Well this specific post is less about corsets on the outside (which is a whole ‘nother can of worms), and more about this specific type of generic waist cincher that I keep seeing over and over again… buuuuut I’m pretty against corsets on the outside either way, let’s be honest. :)

I don’t think visible corsetry is innately bad, I just think it’s a shame when it’s used in lieu of better, more character-driven options- or when the corset itself is just poorly-designed. I actually drew this a couple months back, showing what I would have liked to see for Liz’s second outfit:


It’s purportedly her mother’s clothing, so I wanted something that read as  mature, austere, and slightly dated. You can still maintain a lot of the color blocking with a Belle Epoque-style corsetlet, and I think it would drive home the idea that Liz is uncomfortable and out of place in this costume.

Meet Sirrus ahem Cesario, my character for Light Grey Art Lab’s Great Personality show and dating sim!  He is a forceful, authoritative sunovabitch, and a not-so-subtle tribute to one of my most formative crushes.

The show opens on the 24th, just in time for Valentine’s Day, and the dating sim will be available for download as well!  Pretty damn cool.  The crew at LGAL know how to put together one hell of an art show.