I think it’s long enough after SDCC that I finally feel comfortable sharing photos of my Poison Ivy cosplay!  I’m still learning how to wear and pose in a sexy costume, so I’m looking forward to taking it out for a second run at some point in time.

Aidan and Colin cosplayed as Batman: the Animated Series Harley and The Joker last year, so I promised I’d join them this year as a Bruce Timm-style Poison Ivy.  I didn’t have time to finish my spiked gloves by SDCC, but I’m otherwise pretty damn happy with the costume.  I patterned the bodice myself after Aidan duct-taped the hell out of me one night- three layers with…  I don’t even know how many bones are in it.  Suffice to say it is sturdy, and it actually fits my ass.  Fantastic!

I’d love to get some key shots of it later (especially the B:TAS specific details like the boots and hip leaves), but these are a good primer of our group.

(Special thanks to Crackitus Potts of the League, as he conveniently made a carnivorous plant puppet this year.  It was fantastic.)

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