HEY GUYS let’s play a drinking game with the comments on this Yahoo Shine article about my princesses.  Drink if a commenter:
  1. thinks they all look like bitches
  2. says they have the same face
  3. mentions “anorexia”
  4. doesn’t read the aticle and thinks this is official Disney art
  5. whines about how all things were better in the past why would you reinterpret them
  6. uses this as a jumping off point to talk about politics (take a second shot if they mention “political correctness” )

Apologies in advance for getting you smashed at one in the afternoon,


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  7. mandie82 said: If you added: 7. Informs negative commenters about what idiots they are and 8. Tells everybody with a negative opinion that they’re jealous We’ll all be dead from alcohol poisoning.
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