welcome to character design 101, where six instances where it hasn’t happened don’t change the fact that disparate stylization does happen and it doesn’t matter because here we (in spite of the rather broad url) largely talk about video games

There’s far more than six, darling. If you largely talk about video games then why was the character design from the comic book artist anymore valid? I like how you realised you were wrong, and ran back to cut the vastness of your initial complaint. xD

Besides, the orcs and trolls, in WoW are broadly built powerful humanoid females, the dwarf females in Dragon Age: Origins are portly and short. All the females in psychonauts were warped and vastly changed, and all the girls who weren’t princess zelda - the love interest - in all of the Zelda games were these weird vastly different women.

; like I said previously, its not the fault of character design, its simple marketing. Females in games are predominantly the love interests of the male character(s) and are supposed to be attractive to their audience, which is predominantly male.

The male figure isn’t changed much either, honestly. For every fat guy sidekick in the world there’s a fat woman sidekick or some other bodily variant for characterization. The majority of male designs are large shouldered buff guys or small shouldered buff guys, this disparate stylization is definitely something you’re imagining. Males get vastly larger shoulders as much as a female character might get vastly bigger breasts and/or hips which, even if you don’t like it, is stylization.

Both genders are equally kept at safe proportionate formula for marketing purposes, like I said before.

My problem with what you’re saying is that its a specific attack on women. Which it is not, nor is it a problem with character design as a whole.

As someone who works in the industry, your take on this problem is complete bullshit.  Also, don’t immediately dismiss discussions of sexual dimorphism in WoW that have been discussed regularly for the past eight years.

So, the games industry examples you cite are (not counting the broken links):

  1. Ellie from Borderlands - created specifically to combat the issue at hand, and a character design already addressed and lauded by the blog you’re arguing with
  2. Shiek, who is very much the exception to the rule as a character couched in androgyny and cross-dressing
  3. Dragon Age: Origins character creation, and modded character creation at that

Look, I have to deal with this nonsense every day.  I have to deal with producers and art directors nitpicking a female character’s body to the point of optimum sex appeal.  [INSERT FEMALE CHARACTER HERE] is too hippy, her features are too broad, can we make her skin lighter, why isn’t she more feminine, but she should have heels, etc, etc.  And I work at a company that is generally pretty good about this sort of stuff!  The fact that I still see it, the fact that I go home from work with migraines trying to argue with these people, shows that there’s a significant problem in the industry.

Also, stop parroting OH THE AUDIENCE IS PREDOMINANTLY MALE diatribe.  Not.  Goddamn.  True.  Even if that was the case, the idea that everything in the media needs to appeal to a particular group’s personal sexual preferences is just boring, lazy, and irresponsible.  I consume a ton of media that doesn’t turn me on, and yet I live to fight another day.  Lord knows how I do it.


 -Claire, who works at Microsoft for god’s sake.  We know the power of good marketing.

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