razmattack replied to your post: First of all, I just wanted to say that your…

…how is she ‘becoming an official princess’? I thought that was something that just… happened. is there an induction or something?

There is, very literally, a coronation ceremony- there are 10 official princesses in the Disney canon, and so Merida would be the 11th.  Yes it is pretty damn silly.

  1. bambi-killer said: Would you please record yourself painting it, like you did on Cinderella or Rapunzel? I’m begging you!! Cheers and thanks for your inspiring work :)
  2. sillyspace said: Oh man, I so wish Venelope could make it in, but I’m sure that’s a very big ‘maybe’!
  3. razmataaz said: Oh. Okay thank you.
  4. ellenopolis said: Isn’t Sophie the First a new addition to the Disney Princesses as well? i don’t understand the “official” process entirely.
  5. shambrook said: So I know you’ve said you’ll be doing a lot of other disney characters that aren’t strictly the princesses, would you be touching Treasure Planet though since that doesn’t really have a historical setting?
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