Since people have been asking about these and it can be a bit of chore to order/ship them myself, I’m making my art book available directly through MagCloud!

These copies won’t be signed since you’re getting them directly from the manufacturer, but at $15.00 they’re also $5.00 cheaper than the price I would usually use at conventions, in my online store, etc.  Each art book is 44 pages of art and sketches, and you can preview the entire thing over on Magcloud before buying it.

There’s also a digital pdf copy available for $2.00, if you’re stretched for cash or aren’t interested in a physical copy.

I’d love to do a more official art book in the future, but this is a fantastic alternative in the short term. Feedback and suggestions always welcome, if there’s something in particular you’d like to see in future iterations of my art book/sketchbooks. :)


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  11. larkinheather said: I ordered your artbook! I think i’m still on a shopper’s high from buying too many books at CTN. 0_0 I’m looking forward to getting it!! (I’ll have to get your sig on it someday) Hope the rest of your time at CTN was a blast :)
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