Upcoming conventions! VERY SOON conventions.

I am probably the worst person ever when it comes to updating people about my convention schedule (especially since I’m still pretty new to this whole “actually have a booth” game), but all of that aside, I am going to be at two small northwest cons this month! Specifically Rose City Comic-Con, and Jet City Comic Show. Here are the deets, if any of you are planning on swinging by:

Rose City Comic-Con | Portland, OR | September 8-9, 2012
I’ll be at Booth A20, in the Artists’ Alley:

Jet City Comic Show | Seattle, WA | September 22, 2012
Okay, I don’t have my booth location for this one yet, but I’ll be somewhere in the Artists’ Alley- I’ll update with information as it gets closer to the con.

…Do swing by and say hi if you can! I’ll have a few of the remaining Tiny Horuses, a bunch more art books, and a few copies of the Legends of the Old West book that I did my Nat Love piece for. I love getting the chance to meet people, and cons are probably the only time when I actually have time to do quick sketch commissions.  So there’s that. :)


  1. cherryricesammich said: Asdfghjk I love your art so much and I’d kill to see you… and I live in Portland! But I’m halfway across the country for school. Oh cruel world.
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  3. epoqued said: come to NYCC!
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